Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blasphemy, the ‘crime’ that cannot be spoken

THIS is exactly what Islamists desire to impose on Western civilization.  By denying any criticism or even discussion of Islam's many evils, they have won the battle because without open discussion, we can never define the enemy or develop an effective strategy to stop the invasion of the West.

THIS is what Hillary Clinton, at Barack Obama's direction is aiding the OIC to have adopted by the UN so that any opposition to the Islamic jihad is effectively blocked.

THIS is the final nail in the coffin of freedom.  Once we can no longer speak freely, we are doomed.


Blasphemy, the ‘crime’ that cannot be spoken

By Dwayne Leslie, Published: August 7 at 1:36 pm

Imagine being hung upside down by your feet.  Electric wires are tied around your ankles and you’re threatened repeatedly with electrocution.  In addition, you are frequently pulled from your cell so that the police can beat you viciously.


Because someone accused you of making inflammatory statements about God.  And even though your accuser later recanted his allegation, you were still “tried” for the crime of blasphemy, convicted and then sentenced to life imprisonment.  Think about that:  spending the rest of your life in prison for the “crime” of speaking your mind.

It’s absolutely incomprehensible.  Especially for those of us privileged to live in America where we too often take our First Amendment-guaranteed rights to free speech and freedom of religion for granted.  As an American, you can be excused for asking how someone could be imprisoned – or worse — just for something he or she has said or written.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term, blasphemy essentially means showing disrespect or contempt for a deity.  While you’d likely offend a number of people by engaging in blasphemy, your right to do so in the U.S. is nevertheless protected by the previously mentioned First Amendment.

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