Friday, August 30, 2013

Chronology of the Islamic Conquest of the Netherlands

A very long and detailed look at the Muslim invasion of the Netherlands.  Inch by inch and step by step, Islam is in the process of choking freedom and liberty from the Dutch. 

What is happening here is a model for the Islamic invasion of the rest of the West.  The most discouraging aspect is the clueless Dutch dhimmis who willingly aid and abet the invasion of their own land.


Friday, 30 August 2013

Chronology of the Islamic Conquest of the Netherlands

13:49 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

    Dhimmitude of the Netherlands
    by Henk Lomax

    An historical overview.

    In 1951, came the first Muslims, as a group, to the Netherlands. This involved a number of Moluccan families of former soldiers (from the former colony that is now the Republic of Indonesia).

    In 1954 a Dutch translation of the Qur'an appears.

    Friesland , in the Netherlands, already has the first real mosque built in 1955. The second was built in The Hague.

    Until the seventies, the Muslim community had barely stirred. Although they continued with their fidelity to Islam, they made no specific demands of Dutch society; probably partly because of their relatively small number.
    The political climate is as follows. A starting point is: there must be the right to preserve (immigrants’) own culture and the government should keep aloof from the integration of minorities.

    1970: Family reunion is taking place. That leads to the abolition of the law which prohibits marriage between blood relatives.

    Prompted by the governing influence of the Dutch Socialist Party (PvdA) in the major cities, this slowly creates an unbridled expansion of Islam. Since integration is not paramount, the Social Services also starts releasing leaflets in Arabic and Turkish.

    In 1977: Decisions of the meat inspectorate are adjusted so that Islamic slaughter is permitted.

    1988: The call to prayer from minarets is deemed legally equivalent to the ringing of church bells. In the same year, the first Islamic primary school is opened.

    In 1993: the Dutch Muslim Broadcasting [Nederlandse Moslim Omroep, NMO] organisation was founded. The NMO is an affiliate of the Dutch Muslim Council [Nederlandse Moslim Raad (NMR)].

    1997: An Islamic university is opened (?) in Rotterdam.

    From the beginning of the 21st century, the ‘Dhimmituding’ of The Netherlands is accelerating at a rapid pace. After September 11, 2001, the official government position is: there is no relationship between (Muslim!) terrorism and Islam. The policy in the mainstream media is systematically to ignore the negative impressions Islam can generate. More and more, Islam critics are labeled Islamophobes, xenophobes or racists. In many areas are quality and admission standards are revised downwards to promote Muslim integration and participation. Measures against hate preaching imams are rarely taken.

    2001: In the Dutch parliament (de Tweede-Kamer) there is a serious discussion of proposals to ban bottles of wine in Christmas hampers.

    2002: A quarter of primary schools in cities of the Randstad area (coast line) shift the celebration of Christmas because it coincides with a Muslim holiday, or abolish it entirely.

    (From) The municipal elections of 2002. The Dutch Socialist Party, PvdA, appoints, in disproportionate numbers, councilors and aldermen with an Islamic background. Many of them are involved in scandal based on past or present acts or sympathies. In almost all cases, the party leadership is involved in protecting them.

    The number of incidents in which Islam is an underlying factor, increases exponentially:
    There are increasing number of reports on homophobia among young Muslims, anti-Semitic discords during anti-Israel demonstrations, disturbances and destruction at commemorations and threats made to dissenters.

    2006: Queen Beatrix attends the 50th anniversary of a mosque in The Hague. She agrees in advance upon not shaking hands.

    In the opinion of Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner, Islamic law (Sharia) could be introduced in the Netherlands.

    Minister for Development Cooperation, Agnes van Ardenne, calls Islam critics inherently dangerous fundamentalist secularists.

    The Commissioner of the Queen in the province of North Brabant, Hanja Maij-Weggen (Christian Democrats CDA), bans the use of a boar on the logo for the celebration of the 900-year anniversary of the Duchy of Brabant.

    The anti-gay and misogynist fundamentalist Muslim Faizel Enait, from Rotterdam, wins the grand prize in an essay contest organised by the Wiardi Beckman Foundation (WBS), the scientific office of the Socialist Party (PvdA).

    According to ‘Facts-book’, in the year 2006, 62% of Dutch indigenous adults judged that the way of life of Muslims was incompatible with Western European standards. This fact was and still is completely ignored by successive governments.

    After the parliamentary elections of 2006, ministers with dual nationality are appointed. The objections raised by the right wing concerning their loyalty are not taken seriously.

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