Sunday, August 11, 2013

Denmark: Chicken farmer introduces 'no halal'-label

Woot, woot, woot.  Three cheers for this chicken farmer.  He's addressing the demand for humanely killed chickens in the face of more and more Halal killed chickens.  What a great free market strategy.  Hopefully this will lead to a better awareness of the barbaric practice of slitting a living, conscious animals throat to kill it.  Jews do this too but Kosher meat is not unknowingly forced on non Jews like Islamic Halal meat currently is in many public institutions and market places in the EU.


Denmark: Chicken farmer introduces 'no halal'-label

09:40 | Posted by Nicolai Sennels

    The slaughterhouse has, according to Gunder P. Jensen, received about 700 inquiries from consumers who demand meat that was not ritually slaughtered. ... Late July Gråsten Poultry asked Danish authorities and asked permission to label meat "not halal slaughtered" or "halal free". Now the Food & Drug Administration has notified Gråsten Poultry that the company must not mark the meat "halal-free" but is allowed to use the label "not halal".
    '- This means that we now can provide consumers with an opportunity to choose (halal or not halal) when they buy their meat,' says Gunder P. Jensen TVSouth"