Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Minya: schools, churches and orphanages burnt to erase all traces of a Christian presence

Barack Obama's favorite Egyptian Muslims are on a rampage of religiously driven ethnic cleansing of Christians.  Meanwhile, the White House continues to defend the Muslim Brotherhood at the expense of the Egyptian military and all those truly wanting some semblance of a democratic, liberal society.  It is obvious to anyone with any sense of honor and fair play that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood shill and enabler. But then that's not too surprising inasmuch as his early childhood was spent as a Muslim.


08/28/2013 12:45


Minya: schools, churches and orphanages burnt to erase all traces of a Christian presence

In a raid that followed Morsi's ouster, Islamists particularly raged against children's toys. The facilities were also open to children from rural Muslim families.

Minya (AsiaNews) - With at least 20 attacks against churches, Christian schools and orphanages, Minya Governorate is the part of Egypt where Islamists struck with greatest violence and brutality.

"The Islamists", one resident said, "burnt and destroyed everything. Their goal was to erase all the traces of a Christian presence; even the orphanages were looted and destroyed."

After storming the Prince Tadros el-Shatbi Church, the armed Islamic extremists turned their attention to two homes for disadvantaged children located near the parish church, residents said.

They stole church offerings, clothes, and children's games before torching the entire building. The fire lasted over 5 hours.

"Fortunately," the source said, "the children were taken to safety before the arrival of the Islamists."

Like other Christians sites, the two homes that housed hundreds of orphans are now a pile of rubble.

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