Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Go Zones In Europe

No go zones are cropping up all over the EU.  This no go zone is developing in Spain.  Notice how the Spanish euphemism for Muslims is "North Africans".  Every country seems to have it's own euphemism.  In Britain, it's "Asians".  When you can not openly speak the name Muslim, you are a mere dhimmi.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Catalonia: Mob of 150 North Africans Attacks Police Car, Telling Police to Get Out of District Because "We rule here and we don't want to see the police"

19:20 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

    In another of the districts with the greatest number of immigrants in Mataró, Rocafonda, a zone where the police maintain a special watch to avoid the re-occurrence of incidents between neighbours, on Thursday a patrol of the Mossos d'Esquadra [tn: Catalan police] had to flee to avoid being attacked by a crowd.

    The incident took place after a marked vehicle, with a Catalan police patrol in it, noticed two "jóvenes" [young people] running away when they saw them coming. After catching up on the two "jóvenes" with the car, with the siren and emergency lights activated, a crowd of around 150 North Africans gathered around the officers, insulting and threatening them, after which they felt obligated to take refuge inside the vehicle.
While the police requested reinforcements, the crowd of North Africans were shaking and violently striking the vehicle, shouting "that they should leave the district, that they ruled there and they didn't want to see the police" according to witnesses present at the scene, whom La Vanguardia has spoken to.

    Faced with the violent turn the situation was taking, the officers opted to leave, although the following day they returned to the home of one of the two "jóvenes" to proceed with his arrest.

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And here's another no-go zone in Birmingham, England.


'This is a Muslim area and we don't want to see that': Mob pelts brothers-in-law wearing mankinis on sponsored walk with stones and accuses them of being paedophiles

    Steven Ellis, 41, and Jason Hendry, 22, wanted to walk in Birmingham
    Were hoping to raise money for dogs' home but were escorted by police

    Locals attacked them and hurled abuse in Sparkbrook area of the city
    Men claim police said they had caused offence to locals during Ramadan

    Ellis's wife Victoria was called a 'dirty white s***' in front of her children

By Mark Duell

PUBLISHED: 07:13 EST, 6 August 2013 | UPDATED: 10:58 EST, 6 August 2013

Two brothers in law who went on a sponsored walk wearing comedy mankinis had to be picked up by police - after they were pelted with stones and eggs by residents who told them 'this is a Muslim area' and demanded they leave.

Steven Ellis, 41, and Jason Hendry, 22, wanted to walk eight miles from Solihull to Birmingham city centre wearing the outfit featured in 2006 film Borat to raise money for Birmingham Dogs' Home.

But they ended up being escorted by officers after they were attacked as they passed through the Sparkbrook area of the city, claiming police said they had offended local Muslims during Ramadan.

They were driven through the area as locals hurled abuse at them - calling them paedophiles. Mr Ellis’s wife Victoria, 36, had followed the pair's journey in a car, with the couple's five young children.

She said: ‘We were basically run out of the area. We had stopped at a supermarket car park to give the dogs a drink as it was a hot day, and we were suddenly surrounded.

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