Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Mr. Hentoff asks a great question, where the Hell are all the protests against the systematic murder and persecution of Christians around the world?  Where is President Obama and other Western leaders?  Where are all the women libbers?  Why are they mute in the face of a global attack from North Africa to Malaysia against Christians, and other minorities by the Muslim Ummah?

It's long past time for America and the West to throw open their doors to all those persecuted by Muslims.  At the same time, all Muslim immigration into the West must be stopped to reduce their invasion. 

Jewish World Review August 28, 2013/ 22 Elul, 5773


By Nat Hentoff

Largely absent from nearly all our sources of news and commentary is deep, continuing coverage, if any, of the horrifying massacres of Christians in Egypt and especially Syria and the burning down of their churches.

The world's most prominent Christian, Pope Francis, has denounced the violence, but our media has mostly ignored him, instead giving him a justly favorable response for his concern for the poor and otherwise vulnerable.

One of the few penetrating protesters of this violence is Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, as published in

"For the first time in 1,600 years, they didn't pray this past Sunday at the Virgin Mary and Anba Abraam monastery in a village in southern Egypt.

"Islamists firebombed and looted the monastery, which dates back to the fifth century. For good measure, they destroyed a church inside. They then announced that they would be converting the monastery into a mosque" ("Christians face backlash in Egypt," Lowry, JWR, Aug. 20: ).

He adds: "The Christian church was founded in Alexandria around the year 50. ...

"None of recent regimes in Egypt -- including the latest set of military rulers -- has shown any interest in protecting them."

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