Friday, September 6, 2013

2,000 female genital mutilation victims seek help at London hospitals

When you import Islam, you import all the horrors that come with it.  It is a travesty that the British have yet to bring even one perpetrator of FGM to trial.  What we are seeing in Britain is happening throughout Europe wherever there are Muslims.  And the reasons it can go on is the same: Multiculturalism, political correctness and raw fear of Muslim violence.  Until the West can find a backbone and stand up for Western civilization, the Muslim street will continue to infiltrate and subvert their host countries while practicing their barbaric "religion".


2,000 female genital mutilation victims seek help at London hospitals in just three years but true figure is 'far more than figures show'

    300 victims required surgery to repair damage caused by brutal ritual
    A dozen children needed medical help, including one with 'open wound'
    Experts say figures do not give the full picture of growing number of cases
    DPP says it is 'only matter of time' before prosecution is brought in UK

By Martin Robinson

PUBLISHED: 10:36 EST, 6 September 2013 | UPDATED: 10:51 EST, 6 September 2013

Needing help: More than 2,100 women have been treated in London hospitals since 2010 for female genital mutilation injuries

More than 2,100 victims of female genital mutilation have been treated in London hospitals since 2010, it emerged today.

Almost 300 women needed surgery to help them recover from the brutal ritual, new figures have revealed.

Among those treated in the capital's hospitals included 12 children, including one girl who had been left with an 'open wound' following the criminal act.

Despite being illegal in the UK, female genital mutilation is on the rise with an estimated 66,000 women dealing with the after-effects and more than 20,000 young girls thought to be at risk.

The procedure is associated with communities in Africa, particularly Mali, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya, as well as some parts of the Middle East.

Many girls living in Britain are taken to these countries for be 'cut', and some will be as young as five.

But it is becoming more prevalent in the UK and  experts say today's figures are 'truly shocking' but there are 'far more victims' than the data shows.

In the majority of cases the clitoris is removed because it gives sexual pleasure.

A total of 2,115 FGM patients were seen between 2010 and now, the Evening Standard has revealed.

Dr Comfort Momoh, a specialist in dealing with these injuries at St Thomas’ Hospital, said: 'These statistics show a very significant number of women are being treated for FGM.

'I’m really worried about girls, in particular. Where are they going to seek help? The GPs who are their first point of call often don’t have the knowledge. We also need teachers and lecturers to do more to at least signpost girls towards help.'

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