Friday, September 13, 2013

Afghan Member of Parliament: "Execute Afghan Christian converts"

Yeah folks, this is Obama's war and the government Obama supports.  Lets give them a few more billions before we leave next year so they can retire to the Riviera in style while the Taliban retakes the country. 

In the meantime, Christians are being murdered and persecuted for merely being Christians.  Even elected officials are clamering for the death of Muslims who have converted to Christianity.  Once the alliance is gone, a bloodbath will take place on a scale never before seen here . 

Now is the time to start allowing any Afghan Chrisatians who wish to immigrate to the West to do so.  After we leave it will be too late. 


Afghan Member of Parliament: "Execute Afghan Christian converts"

Published 09 September 2013  |  ASSIST News Service

Quds Online news website, affiliated with Astan Quds Razavi Foundation, reported that an Afghan news service, Ava, is saying the number of Christians is increasing in Afghanistan.

According to Mohabat News Service, Ava quoted Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, Afghan Parliament Member, as saying, "Afghani citizens continue to convert to Christianity in India. Numerous Afghans have become Christians in India. This is an offense to Islamic Laws and according to the Quran they need to be executed."

Earlier, another Member of Afghanistan's Parliament had acknowledged that an Afghan church had been built in India. He said, "A church has been built in India called Afghani's Church. Any Afghani citizen who travels to India would be officially invited to the church."

However, Mohabat News said, some other Afghan MPs, however, blame the US for the increasing number of Christian conversions.

Abdul Latif Pedram, who represents Badakhshan province in the Afghan Parliament, stated, "The presence of the U.S. in Afghanistan results in the conversion of Afghans to Christianity. The United States' long term plan is to attack Afghani culture. Converting Afghan citizens serves that purpose."

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