Sunday, September 15, 2013

Four Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers Facing Prison for 'Defaming Islam

This is life under Sharia for non-Muslims. 


Four Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers Facing Prison for 'Defaming Islam,' One Stabbed by Attackers

By Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter

September 10, 2013|2:34 pm

Four atheist bloggers in Bangladesh are facing up to 14 years in prison for defaming Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, including one who was stabbed viciously by fundamentalist attackers earlier this year.

"They have been indicted with defaming Islam, Prophet Mohammed and other religions through their Internet writings. They spread malice against all religions," senior public prosecutor Shah Alam Talukdar told AFP.

The four accused are 24-year old Subrata Adhikari Shuvo, 36-year old Russel Parvez, 42-year old Mashiur Rahman Biplob, and 29-year old Asif Mohiuddin. The bloggers were arrested earlier this year after nationwide protests by Muslims targeting atheists who were critical of Islam in online posts.

Mohiuddin was stabbed repeatedly in January by suspected Islamist fundamentalists, who attacked him after leaving work one night in Dhaka. He survived after spending time in critical condition in a hospital, and in August shared with The Friendly Atheist blog that he had 53 stitches all over his body bearing witness to the attack.

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