Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama's Real Agenda in Syria

Kerry’s idiotic scheme for Syria to turn over it’s CW will just drive the rebels to capture as much as they can before it can be put out of reach.  But that's just part of the plan to get CW into the hands of the Sunni johadists.

All of Mr. Dithers (Obama) supposed indecision is just a means of delay in order to allow his good pals the Muslim Brotherhood and the other Islamists time to capture some of Syria’s chemical warfare stocks and allow them time to overthrow Assad without his direct help. 

Obama has consistently sided with and abetted the Brotherhood and other Sunni Islamists since his election 5 years ago.  Since his election the infiltration of the Brotherhood into government has accelerated at a blistering pace.  He has systematically destroyed our intelligence and military's ability to effectively fight the global jihad led by the Brotherhood.  This is no surprise as he was born a Sunni Muslim and for the first 10-12 years of his life, he was raised as a Sunni Muslim. 

And by the way, it's time to stop using the generic term "rebel" when referring to Islamic murderers.  These are not some small band of random malcontents, they are Muslims practising Islam as Mohammed the Pedopohile intended.  The correct term is Muslims waging Jihad to impose Sharia on all of mankind.