Thursday, September 19, 2013

While the detested and reviled Western colonialists controlled the Middle East, inter-sect Muslim warfare was at a minimum, and the areas prospered financially and enjoyed a much higher standard of living.  As can be seen now, life under Islamic control is a roiling, continuous Hell not only in Iraq but wherever Sharia dominates. 

East is East and West is West and they should live their separate lives with the least amount of contact possible. That means no Muslim immigration into the West, much as there is virtually no Western immigration into Islamic lands.    

The West should withdraw financial support from the regimes that continue to support and nurture violent Islam until such time as the Muslim street can put it’s own house in order.  There is no benefit from the constant stream of billions of dollars and lives that are being poured into the cesspool of Islamic countries.  In fact, Western money enables the recipients to use that money to covertly attack the very hand that feeds it.  


09/17/2013 12:33

As death toll hits highest level since 2007, Patriarch Sako laments rising sectarianism, loss of unity

More than 5,000 deaths have been recorded since January, the bloodiest level in civilian casualties since 2007. "People are unwilling to forgive or turn the page," according to the Chaldean Patriarch. For a Christian lawmaker, "a wider conflict between Sunni monarchies in the Gulf and the Shiite axis Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah" could drag down the country.

Baghdad (AsiaNews) - As a result of car bombs in seven cities yesterday, Iraq's death toll rose this year to 5,612 after only eight and a half months, making it the bloodiest year since 2007.

"People are unwilling to forgive or turn the page," Chaldean Patriarch, Mar Raphael Louis Sako told AsiaNews. "Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, Arabs . . . everything is fragmenting and moving towards confessionalism."

With the Syrian emergency casting a big shadow, the recent wave of religious violence in Iraq has killed more than 3,000 people this summer.

With an average of 36 civilian casualties per day, September is going to be the bloodiest month in five years. Yesterday, 11 different attacks across the country caused 67 deaths.

According to iraqbodycount, web-based effort to record civilian deaths, the toll of ten years of instability ranges between 114,000 and 125,000 civilian dead.

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