Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anti-Christian violence and the silence of "moderate" Muslims

This article asks a great question; why is the "vast majority" of Muslims silent on the violent jihad being committed by their brethren?  Why do they not clean their own house and deal with the terrorists who after all are "not really Muslims"?  While we are seeing a very, very small vocal minority of Muslims denouncing Islamic terrorists, they put themselves in mortal danger from the more violent members of the Ummah.  Fear of retaliation is a powerful threat but fear of being rejected by the Ummah is even a greater fear for those Muslims daring to speak out in favor of peaceful coexistence with the the West.  The third fear is eternal damnation for stating even the smallest disagreement with the Quran. 

All in all, Islam runs on fear.  Without blind, irrational fear, Islam could not continue to exist.


10/22/2013 14:18


Anti-Christian violence and the silence of "moderate" Muslims

by Piero Gheddo

Just as attacks occurred two days ago in Egypt, many more have occurred in Philippines, Central Africa, Mali, Nigeria, and Syria in recent months. Most believers in Allah and the Qur'an are peaceful people who only want to live in peace and freedom. However, why is it that these masses of moderates never protest? Why is it that no Muslim association or group has ever been set up to condemn Salafist violence and terrorists who kill themselves to become "martyrs for Islam"?

Milan (AsiaNews) - An Italian man, who recently came back from the Philippines, told me that on the big island of Mindanao, hundreds of extremists came at night from the island's interior and from smaller islands to attack a suburb of the city of Zamboanga, looting and burning houses and huts. They retreated taking dozens of hostages, leaving behind dead and wounded victims. The Italian said that targeted killings and kidnappings are frequent, but perhaps this is the first time that such a large-scale attack on Christians was carried out. Fear of new attacks has spread and nothing will be as before. The government is bound to send in the army and more fighting, revenge attacks and destruction are to be expected. Those who can have fled to other parts of the country, as people's lives and the economy are on hold. From Gulf countries, money is being sent to ulemas, mosques and Qur'anic schools to train young people to fight and accept to become "martyrs for Islam" against the Christian state. Salafists want an autonomous region for the Muslim minority on the island of Mindanao, which would join Malaya and Malaysian Borneo to form a single Islamic state.

All this does not make its way into front-page news, and yet there is more. Three days ago, an attack was carried out against a Christian wedding in Giza, in southern Cairo, that left four people dead and 18 wounded according to the latest report.

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