Thursday, October 17, 2013

Iranian prisoner will be hanged again after he survives first attempt

File this under "Can't Make This Shit Up".  And yes, we'll go on negoiating with these Iranian religious throwbacks over it's nuclear programs while they stall for time.


Iranian prisoner will be hanged again after he survives first attempt

By Jessica Chasmar

The Washington Times

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A death row prisoner in Iran is to be hanged for a second time once he regains strength after he survived an earlier attempt.

Alireza M, 37, was “put to death” at Bojnourd prison last Wednesday for drugs, but when his family went to collect his body at the morgue the next day, they noticed he was still breathing, the Daily Mail reported.

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“When we were told the death sentence had been carried out, we went to collect his body to prepare for a memorial service,” a family member told Iran’s state-run media. “But when we went to the coroner’s office we found him alive again, which made his two daughters very happy.”

Officials put the prisoner under armed guard at a hospital to await a second execution.

“The verdict was the death sentence, and it will be carried out once the man gets well again,” a judicial official said, according to the Daily Mail.

Iran has executed an estimated 560 people this year. Many of the condemned are executed for theft, drugs-related offenses, not following the rules of Islam or criticizing the government, the report said.

They are often hanged publicly in town centers or from bridges and cranes.