Monday, October 21, 2013

Same old story, young Muslim Somali immigrant comes to Norway, receives the largesse of the state and then commits jihad through mass murder at the Kenya mall.  What the story miss-states is that he was "radicalized" in Somalia, but that rings hollow.  No one goes to Somalia to become radicalized, they go to Somalia because they are ALREADY radicalized.  And where in the West might a young Muslim lad or lass become radicalized?  Why, the center of Muslim life of course, the local mosque.  You know, one of the thousands of mosques built by radical Saudi Wahhabis throughout the West over the past thirty years. This same general story of a Muslim immigrant returning to is native land to wage jihad is happening so often it's almost not newsworthy any more.  The only thing worse is those Muslim immigrants who choose to stay in their adoptive countries and wage jihad there.


Kenyan mall massacre gunman was a Chelsea fan: 'Norwegian' terrorist, 23, posed in Blues kit 'before he was radicalised in Somalia'

By Chris Pleasance

PUBLISHED: 04:14 EST, 19 October 2013 | UPDATED: 05:08 EST, 19 October 2013

Norwegian-Somali Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow sits on a rock during a school outing in Larvik, Norway. The picture was taken six years before the mall shootings he is thought to have taken part in

Suspected Kenyan mall terrorist Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow has been revealed as a Chelsea fan as pictures his life begin to emerge.

The Somali-born 23-year-old, who lived in Norway, was identified by a neighbour two days ago who saw CCTV images of him carrying out the atrocity.

The report is now being investigated along with suggestions the Dhuhulow left his home in Larvik, 75 miles south of Oslo, for Somalia in 2009 where he was radicalised by the militant group, al-Shabab.

Dhuhulow is believed to have links to Mohamed Abdikadir Mohamed, known as Ikrima, who is regarded as one of the most dangerous commanders in the Somali terror group.

Former neighbour Morten Henriksen told BBC's Newsnight that one of the attackers on the video clip, in a black shirt or jacket, could be Dhuhulow, whom he described to the programme as 'pretty extreme'.

In total at least 67 people died in the September siege and it remains unclear how many militants were involved.

A former classmate of Dhuhulow's at Thor Heyerdahl High School said she was shocked when she found out he was a suspect in the Nairobi attack.

'The video I saw looks a lot like him. But it's difficult to see,' said the former classmate, who didn't want her name to be used.

'He was a quiet guy,' she said. 'He was very committed to his religion, but not extreme. He brought a prayer mat to school.'

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