Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Exposed Names and Identities of Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in U.S.

Another report to file under Enemy Within.  This is a revealing look at just how deeply and high up in the government members of the Muslim Brotherhood have insinuatred themselves and how many associations they have set up. 


November 2, 2013

Exposed Names and Identities of Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in U.S.

Raymond Ibrahim

El Watan, one of Egypt's most widely circulated and read newspapers, has published a report discussing the Muslim Brotherhood's influence over the United States, especially in the context of inciting pro-Brotherhood policies against Egypt's popular June 30 Revolution, which resulted in the ousting of Muhammad Morsi and the Brotherhood from power.

Titled (in translation), "With Names, Identities, and Roadmap...  El Watan Exposes Brotherhood Cells in America," it's written by investigative journalist Ahmed al-Tahiri, who begins the report by saying:

    In the context of El Watan's ongoing investigation concerning the Brotherhood's cells and lobby inside America that support the regime of the ousted [Morsi], and which intensified their activities to attack and defame the June 30 Revolution, informed sources have disclosed to El Watan newspaper the names and cell entities of the Brotherhood and their roadmap of activities all throughout the United States of America.

    The sources said that these organizations, which are spread throughout the States, agitated for and were supportive of the decisions taken by Muhammad Morsi's project to "Brotherhoodize" and consolidate power [in Egypt] and gave a favorable opinion to the general American public that Morsi's decisions were welcomed by the public [in Egypt]. Following the June 30 Revolution, these groups  launched a malicious war in order to incite the American administration to take hostile decisions against Egypt, with the aim of bringing back the Brotherhood to the power.

El Watan then goes on to name names, saying that the following activists and entities are Brotherhood operatives working within the United States (reproduced verbatim):

    Union of Egyptian Imams in North America, represented by Sheikh Muhammad al-Bani
    The Egyptian American Foundation for Development
    Dr. Khalid Lamada, New York
    Dr. Hassan al-Sayah, Virginia
    The Egyptian Network in America, led by Dr. Muhammad Helmi
    Dr. Akram al-Zand, Sa'ad Foundation
    Muhammad al-Khashab, Head of ART channelsin America
    Sameh al-Henawi, member, Business Association of America
    Dr. Hany Saqr, member, Egyptian Association in America
    Dr. Khalid Hassan, Maryland
    Dr. Muhammad Abdel Hakem, Seattle
    Dr. Ahmed Ismat al-Bendari, President, Islamic Society of America
    Walid Yusari, Chicago
    Ahmed Shadid, New Jersey
    Ahmed al-Hatab, Indiana
    Dr. Muhammad Morjan, Boston
    Ramadan Ridwan, Houston
    Ahmed Fayez, Las Vegas
    Dr. Amru Abbas, member, Egyptian Foundation in Michigan
    Dr. Safi al-Din Hamed, Pennsylvania
    Dr. Hamdy Radwan, North Carolina
    Ahmed Shehata, Director, Egyptian American Organization for Democracy and Human Rights
    Dr. Iman Shehata, New York
    Dr. Muhammad Amru Attawiya, member, Organization of Islamic Relief in the United States
    Dr. Khalid al-Sayes, member, Rebuilding of Egypt Foundation
    Dr. Tariq Hussein, member, American Islamic Relations Council (CAIR)
    Dr Hisham al-Gayar, member, Egyptian Foundation, Michigan
    Amin Mahmoud, Maryland

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