Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Former German football star is killed 'fighting for al-Qaeda in Syrian civil war'

This is an interesting story not so much because a second generation German-Muslim decided to wage jihad, but because the reporter believed he did not become "radicalized" until he went to Syria to fight the Assad regime.  Muslims do not just travel to some camp in Afghanistan or Pakistan to see if they may want to become a Muslim terrorist, they go to those camps because they have already decided to wage "holy jihad" and desire instruction in bombing, murder and mayhem on the path to martyrdom.

What the reporter and the government in general refuse to acknowledge is that Western Muslims become radicalized in their Mosques and community centers long before they actually commit acts of terrorism in the name of Islam.  The prison system is also a primary recruitment center for converting non-Muslims to Islamic radicalism.

Until Western governments stop making Mosques off limits for surveillance and investigation and segregate Muslim prisoners from the general population, radical Muslim recruiters will continue to have a free hand to convert, radicalize and utilize jihadis in the grand jihad against the West. 


Former German football star is killed 'fighting for al-Qaeda in Syrian civil war'

    Burak Karan killed in a bomb attack by Assad forces in Syria

    Footballer played with stars like Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sami Khedira

    Made appearances for under-16 and under-17 German national side

    Gave up career aged 20 and joined Islamists fighting in civil war

By Allan Hall Berlin

PUBLISHED: 04:52 EST, 19 November 2013 | UPDATED: 07:51 EST, 19 November 2013

A former rising star of German football who played for the under-17 national squad has been killed after he abandoned his career to fight for al-Qaeda in the Syrian civil war against the Assad regime.

Burak Karan played alongside famous names such as Sami Khedira, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Dennis Aogo.

But five years ago he quit the game he loved and his country to become a radicalised Jihadist.

On October 11, aged just 26, he was blown to smithereens by a bomb dropped by an Assad air force jet on the village of Azaz, near the Turkish border.

An image of him clutching a Kalashnikov assault rifle appeared in tribute to him at the weekend on social networking sites.

The Turkish-German player-turned-rebel 'fought like a lion', according to his commanders, who said: 'It was a pleasure to fight alongside him.'

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