Friday, November 1, 2013

Tribal injustice: Widow seeking recovery of daughter ‘raped’

This is daily life under Sharia.  To those living in the West, read through this horror story and be thankful you and yours do not have to live under such a vile and barbaric "religious" system. 

To those saying this sort of thing is not in the Quran, I say in 1,400 years has Islam not stopped such barbaric and primitive practices.  The answer to that is of course is that the Pedophile Mohammed patterned much of his "religion" on the primitive practices of the time.  Unfortunately, Islam has never had a reformation such as the Christian church has.  More unfortunately, the Quran demands a death sentence to change or challenge one word of the Pedophile Mohammed or the Quran or Sunna.  And so, Islam will go on until it implodes from it's own festering hatred of everything not Islamic.


Tribal injustice: Widow seeking recovery of daughter ‘raped’


A woman in Muzaffargarh seeking recovery of a daughter she said had been kidnapped says she has been beaten and raped by the father of the man who kidnapped her daughter.

She has also accused police of favouring her oppressors and ignoring her complaint. Police said they had not received a complaint.

The widow, a resident of Akbar Colony in Alipur, told The Express Tribune that her 14-year-old daughter was kidnapped from their house on October 10 by Zahid Mastoi. She said she had filed a complaint at the Alipur police station and nominated the suspect. She said she had been visiting the police station for follow-up.

She said despairing in the police, she contacted Sardar Sadiq Mastoi, a local feudal lord, and sought his help. She said he called a panchayat comprising 80 people, including several villagers and members of both families. He presided over the panchayat.

She said the suspect’s father, Muhammad Manzoor, told the panchayat that his son had married the girl and that she had not been kidnapped. He said it would be ‘dishonourable’ for them to surrender their ‘daughter-in-law’.

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