Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sharia court rules blasphemers can only be punished with death penalty

Pakistan continues on it's retrograde trip in time to the days of total Islamic rule.  It is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan after all so this is to be expected.  If only our clueless Western leaders could accept that Islam is not only incompatible with Western civilization, it is bent on total domination of all of humanity.


12/06/2013 16:13

Sharia court rules blasphemers can only be punished with death penalty

by Jibran Khan

The Federal Sharia Court accepts lawyer's petition claiming that the death penalty, not life in prison, is the only punishment in blasphemy cases. Under Nawaz Sharif, it is "dark times" for minorities. For many activists and NGOs, Islamisation progresses in the country. Paul Bhatti notes that poverty must be the "priority" through "employment and investment to boost development."

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - Life imprisonment is not enough for blasphemers; the only permissible punishment is the death penalty, this according to a recent ruling by Pakistan's Federal Sharia Court, which struck down Section 295 C of the Pakistan Penal Code, leaving the death penalty as the only possible form of punishment. Together with Sections 295 A and 295 B, Section 295 C constituted the so-called 'blasphemy law'.

After the court heard a contempt of court petition filed by lawyer Hashmat Habib, Justice Fida Hussain issued orders to remove the provision of life imprisonment from the blasphemy law, stating that only death is the punishment for blasphemy in accordance with a 1990 Hadood ordinance, which according to the lawyer who filed the appeal, has never been enforced so far.

Blasphemy charges in the Asian country, which has gone through a gradual process of Islamisation in recent years, tend to end in a court conviction or extrajudicial killings that mostly go unpunished.

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