Monday, January 20, 2014

Al-Qaeda training British and European 'jihadists' in Syria to set up terror cells at home

Another case of Muslims leaving a Western country to wage jihad in some ongoing Muslim warfare in the Middle East and learn bomb making and terrorist activities to be used when they return home.  We will be seeing more and more of this activity in the coming months and years throughout the West.

Tellingly, the reporter claims the jihadis will be radicalized once they arrive in the Middle East, not understanding or not wanting to see they have ALREADY been radicalized in their local communities and Mosques before they ever leave.  Such blindness to the recruitment and training of jihadis under the very noses of local police bodes ill for the authorities to stop the spread of Islamic terrorism in the West.

This is just the tip of the iceburg as the latest wave of jihadism is truly global with jihadis coming from all over the world to fight on whichever side of the 1,400 year old Sunni/Shia war. 


Al-Qaeda training British and European 'jihadists' in Syria to set up terror cells at home

Al-Qaeda training hundreds of British and European jihadis in Syria - and telling them to return home to set up terror cells

By Ruth Sherlock, Gaziantep, and Tom Whitehead

10:00PM GMT 19 Jan 2014

British people fighting in Syria are being trained as “jihadists” and then encouraged to return to the UK to launch attacks on home soil, an al-Qaeda defector and western security sources have told the Telegraph.

In a rare interview on Turkey’s border with Syria, the defector from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) said that recruits from Britain, Europe and the US were being indoctrinated in extremist anti-Western ideology, trained in how to make and detonate car bombs and suicide vests and sent home to start new terror cells.

He has provided the first confirmation from Syrian rebels that young British men are being indoctrinated in extremist anti-Western ideology.

Some of those intent on overthrowing the Syrian regime are being brainwashed by fanatics, the former member of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) warned.

His comments echo the concerns of the security services at a time when it is feared that up to 500 Britons are fighting in Syria and could return to emulate attacks such as the London bombings and 9/11.

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