Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nearly 50 Percent of Freed Palestinian Terrorists Return to Fight

Another confirmation that Islamists will return to jihad if ever released from prison.  At a 50% known recidivism rate, and that's only confirmed recidivism, it's plain that NO jihadis convicted of terroristic crimes can ever be released from prison.  It's a safe bet that virtually all imprisoned Islamic terrorists will in some way return to or actively support jihad if released. We are after all dealing with religious fanatics who wish to die in their efforts to impose Sharia on all of humanity.


Nearly 50 Percent of Freed Palestinian Terrorists Return to Fight

Thursday, 02 Jan 2014 02:52 AM

By Joel Himelfarb

Although nearly half of the 13,000 terrorists Israel has released since 1985 have returned to the battlefield, Secretary of State John Kerry is pushing Israel to free more imprisoned militants in the hope of bolstering Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, Israel Hayom reported.

Israeli authorities say the high terrorist recidivism rate is because many of those released have long had a strong ideological belief in violence, and that this is reinforced by a culture of officially sanctioned anti-Israel incitement in both the West Bank and Gaza.

Earlier this month, for example, terrorists convicted of murdering Israelis received certificates of citation at a cultural event hosted by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

They were released from prison several months ago, according to veteran Israeli journalist Nadav Shragai, author of the Israel Hayom piece.

Footage of the event depicts a gun battle in which members of Hamas and Abbas’ Fatah organization unite to kill a group of “Israelis” opposing them.

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And then there is this from England:


'Efforts to reform terrorists failing': Two-thirds jailed for Islamist terror offences remain attached to extremist ideology

    110 of 150 jihadists refused to engage with rehab programme
    And, it is claimed, the ones who have are just the footsoldiers
    Many of those programme targets have been brainwashed for years

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 20:12 EST, 1 January 2014 | UPDATED: 04:50 EST, 2 January 2014

Efforts by Government officials to turn Islamist terrorists away from their extremist ideology are largely failing, it was claimed last night.

Some 110 of the 150 convicted jihadists in Britain have refused to engage with a programme designed to stop them posing a threat to the public, Sky News reported.

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