Monday, February 10, 2014

Indonesia: Aceh Province Enforces Sharia for non-Muslims

Well, this didn't take long.  Aceh province was granted semi-autonomy just a year ago or so.  This should be a lesson to those who believe that Western society can live peacefully along side of Islam.   Eventually, Islam will demand total dominance.


Indonesia: Aceh Province Enforces Sharia for non-Muslims

By Ludovica Iaccino | February 7, 2014 10:19 AM GMT

The government of Indonesia's Aceh province has approved a new law obliging every citizen to follow the sharia Islamic legal code regardless of their religion.

Councillor Abdulah Saleh told the Jakarta Post that the new behaviour law, or qanun jinayat, "does indeed oblige everyone in Aceh to follow sharia without exception."

Saleh said that the qanun stipulated that all those found to have violated sharia would be tried under Islamic law regardless of their religion.

Non-Muslim violators of Indonesia's national ciminal code (KUHP) will be given the option to choose between a sharia court or a regular court - but both courts will adhere to islamic legislation.

"If the violation committed by a non-Muslim is not regulated in the KUHP then the violator will automatically be tried in a sharia court, without exception" Saleh continued.

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