Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mosque raid unearths ‘crucial documents’

We need more mosques.  All of President Obama's Muslim advisors tell us so.  So it must be OK. 


Mosque raid unearths ‘crucial documents’

Last updated on 5 Feb 2014 00:00


Mombasa, Kenya: Police in Mombasa say it may take them two months to sift through the treasure trove of information seized from the controversial Musa Mosque after Sunday’s violent clashes.

Sources told The Standard investigators are sifting through documents and analysing electronic information seized from militants after the deadly clashes with a group reportedly attending a jihadist convention.

And preliminary reports indicate the material has valuable information  reports indicate the material has valuable information that could be used to uncover terror suspects.

A top security official warned that more raids on other mosques would follow adding that police have a right to storm any place where they suspect a crime is being committed.

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