Sunday, March 30, 2014

German butchers remove showcase cardboard pigs after Muslim threats

This article shows just how well Muslims integrate into Western societies. (Not) It also shows how Western societies practice preemptive dhimmitude at the mere hint of Muslim displeasure with their host countries way of life.

Unless the people of the West can wake up their feckless cowardly leaders and mount a counter offence against the Islamic jihad, we are doomed to become third class subjects under Islamic rule.


German butchers remove showcase cardboard pigs after Muslim threats

Nicolai Sennels    Mar 27, 2014 at 3:54pm dhimmitude, Eurabia, Germany

PigVia, translated from the German Express by Nicolai Sennels:

    Butchers remove cardboard pigs from showcase after Muslim protests

    COLOGNE – They are knee high, pink and made of cardboard — nevertheless, decorative pigs in Cologne butcher shops have caused trouble. Pork is for the butcher what bread is to the baker. And to draw attention to weekly deals, many butchers use them for advertising purposes.

    In several butcher shops in Cologne, such pink pigs became “insulting pigs,” and the result was spitting on the windows, insults and threats.

    What had happened? Young Muslims came by the butcher shops and cursed the owners regularly. “They always came in a larger group. They cursed and said that they as Muslims felt provoked by the pigs. They came into the shop and offended us viciously. In the end, we had to give up,” says one of the affected butchers, who wants to remain anonymous out of fear.