Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hundreds of girls abducted from Nigerian school

These "militants" (read pious Muslims) are merely following the Quranic injunction that allow Muslims to do whatever they wish with those they "possess with their right hand".  In other words, those captured in warfare.  They may be killed outright, raped, married, enslaved and sold as slaves. 

This is Islam in 2014, nothing has changed in 1,400 years.


Hundreds of girls abducted from Nigerian school in night 'have been sold to Islamic militants as wives for £8 each'

    Mass rally will draw upward of one million people across Nigeria
    Schoolgirls transported across borders and sold as wives for £8
    Girls aged 16-18 were seized from an dormitories in Chibok

    Reports that they are being forced to marry against their will
So far none have been rescued, but some of the girls have escaped

By Daniel Mills

Published: 00:02 EST, 30 April 2014 | Updated: 05:20 EST, 30 April 2014

Hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped two weeks again are being sold to as wives to Islamic militants for as little as £8 each, it has been claimed.

The teenagers were abducted from their secondary school, in Chibok, in the middle of the night by armed men from Boko Haram and are believed to have smuggled across the borders to Cameroon and Chad Republic.

Some of them have been forced to marry against their will and are being used as servants and sex slaves, according to a community elder.

Pogo Bitrus told The Times the captors were selling the girls aged 16-18 into servitude by forcing them to marry other members of the extremist group.

'If these captors are trying to achieve a political point, I think the best thing is for us to try to make sure that they don’t succeed,' he said.

'But from all indications they are succeeding, due to inaction of government it is helping these people in achieving their objectives.'

He said that the girls had been ferried to Cameroon and Chad by canoe where prospective husbands were paying around 2,000 naira (£8) for a bride.

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