Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Muslims infiltrate English schools

If there is this level of creeping Sharia in England with only a 3% Muslim population, how bad will it be with 6% or 12% Muslim population?


Now TWELVE schools are being investigated by Ofsted amid claims hard-line Muslims are trying to indoctrinate pupils

    Department for Education widens probe to include 12 Birmingham schools
    Radical Muslims are accused of imposing Islamic values on pupils
    Local MP warns that hard-line Salafi Muslims are 'indoctrinating' children from mainstream Islamic families
    Suggests officials have been wary of investigating because of racism fears

By Hugo Gye

PUBLISHED: 05:27 EST, 1 April 2014 | UPDATED: 07:01 EST, 1 April 2014

Warning: Khalid Mahmood MP has spoken of his fears that Muslim pupils are being indoctrinated by extremists at Birmingham schools

Extremist Muslims are trying to indoctrinate pupils at a dozen state schools in Birmingham, it has been claimed.

Local MP Khalid Mahmood warned of the risk posed by religious radicals as it emerged that education authorities had widened their investigation into the allegations to include more than 12 different schools.

In some schools non-Muslim teachers are reported to have been sidelined by Islamic extremists, who have allegedly imposed halal food in canteens and abolished sex education classes.

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