Thursday, May 1, 2014

Children as young as 7 subject to execution in the Maldives

The Maldives, paradise on earth according to the rich and famous who flock there.  But the Maldives are something else away from the five star resorts and crystal ocean.  I really doubt that those visiting are aware that it is a legal requirement for every Maldivian citizen to be a Muslim.  They don't know that Sharia is the law of the land and now children as young as 7 may be executed for crimes against Islam. 

This is the true face of Islam.


Children could get death penalty as Maldives brings back executions

By Euan McKirdy, CNN
updated 9:41 AM EDT, Thu May 1, 2014

(CNN) -- The Maldives overturned a six-decade-old moratorium on capital punishment with the adoption of a new regulation this week that allows for the death penalty to be used to punish certain crimes.

The Maldivian government enacted the regulation, which makes provision for execution by lethal injection, for the crimes of premeditated murder or deliberate manslaughter.

While the age of criminal responsibility is 10 in the Maldives, some crimes under the country's Sharia laws -- known as Hadd offenses -- have an age of responsibility of 7. This means that juveniles could potentially face execution in the archipelago.

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