Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sindh, four Christians arrested for distributing "religious materials"

Think something like this can never happen in America? 

It already has.  

Fortunately, reason and the law have prevailedin this case.  But for Christians in Muslim countries, there is virtually no hope of freedom of worship or fear from persecution.  We are so fortunate to be living in America but we must not take our freedoms for granite.  There is a global jihad in motion with the goal of dominating all of the world.


City of Dearborn Apologizes for Arresting Christians at 2010 Arab Festival; Settlement Reached in Lawsuit

In June of 2010, a few of us were on our way out of Dearborn's annual Arab International Festival, when some young Muslims began asking us questions, which we were happy to answer. Here's unedited footage of our last 20 minutes or so at the festival:



05/20/2014 11:51

Sindh, four Christians arrested for distributing "religious materials"

by Jibran Khan

A man and three women were arrested while handing out Christian pamphlets near the Mirpur Khas station. Reported by a local Muslim leader, they were arrested and transferred to prison amid tight security. Serious risk of attacks by extremists. Priest in Karachi: "They were unwise, but there is a pervading lack of religious freedom."

Islamabad ( AsiaNews) - The four evangelical Christians arrested on May 18 on charges of distributing material of a religious nature in the vicinity of the station Mirpur Khas, Sindh province appeared today in court. Those arrested are: Younis Masih, his wife Nazia and two other women named Mary Rose and Kiran. A Muslim religious leader , belonging to the Islamist Sunnat wal Jammat movement, read the material and, realizing that it was Christian literature , immediately reported the four to the police. Shortly after their being detained, a crowd surrounded the train station with the intention of punishing the four. In order to prevent further accidents and to maintain control of the situation , the police ordered their immediate arrest and escorted the group to the nearest barracks . Prosecutors have opened an investigation file , for violations of Article 298-506 A- II -295, which punishes those who dishonor and desecrate religion.

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