Tuesday, May 27, 2014

US Muslim Cleric Who Defended Raping 9-Year-Old Condemns Boko Haram

Of course all the "moderate" Muslims are hopping on the bandwagon condemming Boko Harem.  But it's just taqiyya in order to fool the simple minded kuffar.


US Muslim Cleric Who Defended Raping 9-Year-Old Condemns Boko Haram

May 26, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield 14 Comments

Finally moderate Muslims in the US are stepping forward to condemn Boko Haram. Like genocide enthusiast Hatem Bazian, ex-Farrakhanite Keith Ellison, Hamas supporter Nihad Awad and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf of Zaytuna.

It’s ironic that Hamza Yusuf would be signing on to a letter condemning Boko Haram for kidnapping young girls, when Yusuf has some rather interesting views on child marriage.

Discussing Mohammed’s rape of his child wife, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf said that, “Each culture has its own traditions and its own way of doing things.”

Like raping little girls. According to Yusuf, that’s apparently okay once they stop playing with dolls.

    For the Muslim, obviously, it’s going to be, ‘What does the Sharia say?’ But it’s important to realize that this was a normal thing within their society…there’s some discussion as to whether she was nine or twelve, but he did not take her into his household until she gave up playing with her dolls. That was the sign that she was no longer a child. So she was an adult when the Prophet brought her into his household. And that’s something that Sharia permits.”

Other things Sharia permits include 1. Beating women 2. Killing non-Muslims 3. Kidnapping non-Muslim women and raping them.

But each culture has its own horrifying traditions. And who are we to judge?

    “Childhood was an invention of renaissance Europe. Prior to the Renaissance, children became adults at the age of 7 or 8. If a girl has her period at nine, she is considered an adult. If she had a period before nine, she is still not eligible for marriage, but nine and above, it’s ok. Nine year old to us is still a child, but a lot of that has to do with our own socialization.”

… said every pedophile ever.