Friday, June 13, 2014

Saudi destroys Buddha statues in Japan and gets arrested

Wherever Islam goes, this sort of violence and hatred come right along.  There can't be many Saudi's in Japan and I would think any there would be well off tourists or businessmen.  But then Muslim doctors, engineers and religious figures have committed random violence aganist a Western sociery they had lived in for years, all in the name of Islam.   All it takes is one to "go jihad".


Saudi destroys Buddha statues in Japan and gets arrested: Japan news

Ahram Online, Wednesday 11 Jun 2014

ANN news television network in Japan reported on Wednesday that a Saudi man destroyed three 300-year-old Buddha statues in Senso-Ji temple in Tokyo.

Senso-Ji templeis a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Taito, and Tokyo. And the temple is considered Tokyo's oldest temple, and one of its most significant.

The Saudi citizen, who was arrested by Tokyo Police department, is currently being investigated for reasons behind his action.

The incident caught the attention of moderate Muslims, and therefore a hash tag was trending on twitter #saudi-destroyed-statues-in-Japan, Saudis condemned the actions of the Saudi citizen, saying he should respect others' beliefs and religions.