Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Islamic Danger to Europe

As far as it goes this fine article is an accurate picture of the fate of Europe (and the free world) if the Islamic invasion is not just stopped, but reversed in the very near future. 

However, what this article does not, and seemingly no one else has addressed, is that if Islam becomes dominate in the Western world, what is left of Western society will become just as dysfunctional and backward as most of the Islamic world is today.  Not only will non-Muslims become dhimmis, the Western way of free trade and competition will cease to function under Sharia and so will become as economically backward as the Islamic world is today.  Islam becoming politically dominate just in Europe will be enough to bring down the economic success of the rest of the world.

The relative industrial success of Muslim majority countries like Indonesia will also disintegrate because their will no longer be a thriving market to sell their products to.

In short, if Islam dominates the Western world, global economic collapse is sure to follow.


The Main Danger for Europe

By: Y.K. Cherson

A wave of Islamization rolls over Europe, hardly meeting any resistance. Statistics are grimmer and more hopeless every day. A demographic collapse passed from being a forecast to being a reality: the number of children in European families does not exceed 1.4, while in immigrant families from Islamic countries it is almost thrice higher: 3.6.

Of the total number of babies in Western Europe about 20% are born into such families. The most popular male name for a newborn in Brussels is Muhammad. In Germany the number of births has fallen lower than in the last year of WW2. Fifteen percent of the military personnel in the French Army are Muslims. In the Swiss Army their share is even higher: 20%.

In France, one of the European countries worst-hit by Muslim immigration, Muslims from Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa exceed 15% of the total population. Extrapolating current demographic trends, it is expected that by 2025 their share will grow to 25%. As Muslims vote by a monolithic bloc, while native votes are politically dispersed, sociologists point that they, even being in minority, can take under control both the legislative and executive branches of power.

All the Western world shuddered over the words by the famous Bernard Lewis , who warned that by the end of the century, Europe would be Islamicized. Such an outcome, with current demographic trends, seems inevitable, and the journalists and writers mainly discuss three scenarios, how it will happen:

            Gradual colonization of Europe accompanied by the constantly growing political and cultural influence of Islamic immigrant diaspora, who will capture all the heights in economic, political and cultural life. This process will accelerate while native collaborationists will be joining the victors in order to participate in splitting the trophies. That it will be so is proven by the fact that each year about 50,000 French convert to Islam. Genderless Europe, lost in fruitless discussions about “rights” and “tolerance” will surrender without hardly any resistance, and Europeans will become second-class unwelcomed guests in their own countries. This is the outcome predicted by the French writer Jean Raspail in his The Camp of the Saints

            Military conquest. Based on their quickly growing numerical advantage and religious fanaticism, Muslims will conquer European countries and ruthlessly oppress any and all attempts of the conquered to resist and convert women and children to Islam, reducing all who refuse to the position of “Dhimmies”- half-slaves who are doomed to live only by the mercy of their Muslim masters.

            Civil war, when a part of the population, faced with the perspective of the destruction of their civilization and their countries, unite around the right-wing parties and start the fight. On the other side there will be an army of Muslims, most of them born in Europe but ideologically brainwashed by those sent from Saudi Arabia and other ideological centers of Islamic mullahs. It will be a true religious war, and what it means can be seen in the example of Germany, which had lost 2/3 of its population during the Thirty-Years War.

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