Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Islamic law ‘overrides’ civil law

Wherever Muslims live they assume that Sharia overrides any local laws. This of course baffles and confounds Westerners as they cannot conceive that Muslims consider them to be mere kuffars and inferior to Muslims.  This leaves the West at a distinct disadvantage when dealing with the Muslim invasion.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 11:49

Islamic bride, 12, duped into sex with husband, 26, was told Islamic law ‘overrides’ civil law

A CHILD bride allegedly married off at 12 was told sharia law “overrides” Australian law, court documents revealed.

In a case that has brought awareness of secret child brides in Australia, the girl’s father and the 26-year-old man she “wed” were charged in February over numerous child sex offences.

Documents that formed part of a successful apprehended violence order application by police at the time against the girl’s “husband” state that the young girl “believed or had been informed that sharia law overrides the Australian law”.

Man ‘marries off daughter, 12’ in Islamic ceremony

“She stated that together with the accused they had been trying to get him registered as her legal guardian with Centrelink in order to obtain any welfare benefits they could,” the court documents state.

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