Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Muslim Chiropractor "proposes" to 15 Year Old Girl

Well here we go again.  When you import Muslims, you import 7th century barbarism. 


Montreal chiropractor fined for proposing to teen patient

    12:15 pm, July 15th, 2014

MONTREAL - A chiropractor was fined $1,000 earlier this month for asking a 15-year-old patient to marry him.

Erick Verret of Montreal accepted the fine from Quebec's order of chiropractors and quit the profession.

The girl, not named in the July 2 disciplinary ruling, had been visiting Verret weekly in his west-end office to relieve pain in her left leg, the document says.

Verret sent the girl several romantic e-mails in the winter of 2013 and later hand-delivered a love letter to her home.

The long letter "leaves no doubt as to the feelings and intentions that Mr. Verret had towards his patient," the judgment says.

The girl's father filed a complaint with the professional order.

Verret claimed he initially "thought he was acting properly" given that he and the girl are both Muslim.

But he later admitted there is a difference between "religious precepts and ethical rules," the ruling reads.