Monday, August 11, 2014

Polio Gets Religion And A Comeback

Not only are the ISIL not allowing the vaccination of children for common childhood diseases, it is obviously the ISIL personnel who are bring in the polio and other diseases as they move from pockets of polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan to other parts of the world, they bring their plagues with them.  They are truly the "Typhoid Mary's" of our time. 

It's like a huge cross-polination going on with people carrying all sorts of diseases moving in unusual patterns of travel spreading of some plague is not unexpected with air travel made so fast and easy.


Attrition: Polio Gets Religion And A Comeback

August 11, 2014:  The UN in particular and world health experts in general fear that preventable diseases are making a comeback because of the continued success of Islamic terrorist groups out to seize power or disrupt government control in large areas around the world. The current success of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) in Iraq and Syria is a good example, as is the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, al Shabaab in Somalia and Boko Haram in Nigeria. All of these Islamic terror groups believe that vaccinations are a Western attempt to poison Moslem children. Thus we have polio reappearing in Iraq and Syria largely because of anti-vaccination efforts by ISIL. There now over a million children in Iraq and Syria who are inaccessible to vaccination efforts because of the war in Syria and the ISIL anti-vaccination efforts in both countries.

Earlier in 2014 the Iraqi government began preparations to distribute polio vaccine to 20 million Iraqis. This was in response to the March 2014 confirmation that the first case of polio had been found in Iraq since 2000. Since then there have apparently been dozens of additional children crippled or killed by polio. This was the result of Pakistani based Islamic terrorists infected by polio (but not crippled by it, which is common with many people exposed to polio or other viruses like influenza) coming into Syria since 2012. Syria had polio outbreaks earlier in 2013 and has been unable to carry out a polio vaccination program because of the violence and the refusal of some rebel groups to cooperate. An analysis of the DNA of the polio in Syria showed it was similar to polio DNA found in Pakistan. The polio that infected a six month old Iraqi child was analyzed and found to be the same one being found in Syria.

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