Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Its Time To Declare War

It's about time someone says that ISIS, AL Qaeda, Boko Harem are just a part of the global jihad.  The more serious threat is the "stealth jihad" that is being waged by groups like CAIR and MAS.  The stealth jihad has already infiltrated Islamist's into the highest levels of government as advisers and employees throughout the Western world.  Combined with demographic jihad it's a three-way attack which our leaders are oblivious of or complicit.

Attacks against individual terror cells will just delay and confuse the issue. 

War must be openly declaired against any and all Muslims waging jihad.


Op-Ed: Get Ready for the Real War

Winning the war against Islamic State would only be the beginning.

Published: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 12:21 AM

Dr. Mordechai Kedar

In recent weeks, the media are filled with reports on the international preparations for a war against the "Islamic State" and an International Conference was even convened in Paris in an attempt to enlist the cooperation of as many nations as possible in waging it.

At the same time, US air force planes have intensified their attacks against "Islamic State" forces, especially in the vicinity of the dams in northern Iraq, this to prevent their being blown up and causing the deaths of many thousands of Iraqis.

This week we heard a short and decisive speech by US President Barack Obama, into which he inserted rhetoric elements that he has hardly used before, certainly in comparison to the speeches of his predecessor George W. Bush.

I have not heard all of Obama's speeches, but those I did rarely included the expression "our friends and allies". Bush used those words day and night when talking about the war against terror. Does this change in rhetoric express a change in Obama's approach? I am not sure if it does.

In his speech, Obama repeated several times that Iraq is an ally of the United States. And right at the start of his words, he said that the USA cannot do for the Iraqis what they must do for themselves. That sentence is a perfect example of Obama's erroneous strategic thinking – he continues to see the Iraqis as a single group. He has still not internalized the fact that the Iraqis have never succeeded in developing the sense of unity and solidarity that defines a nation. In Iraq the tribal divisions are alive and kicking and there are over 70 of them, as well as four ethnic groups and about ten religions, all divided among a not inconsiderable number of communal sectors. The possibility that the Iraqi government can function any better than those that preceded it is not great, and therefore the assumption that the Iraqi army can be more stalwart in its battle against the knife-wielding Islamic State fighters is yet to be proven correct.

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