Friday, October 17, 2014

Islamic Jihad is Stretching English Police Ability

"However, Mr Rowley said "dozens" of families had contacted officers this year with concerns that their sons or daughters could have been radicalised.

"We had a case in the last few days where a young person was travelling out to Syria," he said.

"The family realised very quickly, reported it to us so quickly we were able to get them intercepted when they got into Turkey and the Turks turned them back to the UK.""

Why?  Why?  Why?

Why are these fanatics not allowed to go their merry way to their doom as "martyrs" in the great jihad.  This article accurately lists every jihad tactic and intent in their quest to impose Islam on all of humanity and yet the government goes to great lengths to bring back Muslim fanatics into England.  It's no wonder Scotland Yard is "stretched" when the government continues to import more Muslims even as portions of English towns are being turned into Muslim "No Go Zones". 


17 October 2014 Last updated at 05:42 ET

Terror-related crime 'stretches police' - Scotland Yard

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley: "Recruiting sergeants, funders, advocates, we have to tackle those people"

Police are being "stretched" by an "exceptionally high" number of inquiries into Islamist-related extremism, Scotland Yard has said.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley also said "dozens" of UK families had sought police help in stopping relatives travelling to Syria.

He spoke of a "step-change" in counter-terrorism as foreign conflicts such as the one in Syria attract UK nationals.

Mr Rowley said the challenge for police would "run for years".

There have been 218 terrorism-related arrests in the England, Scotland and Wales this year, with 16 people charged with alleged extremist activity in Syria.

Scotland Yard said the volume, range and pace of counter-terrorism activity had changed dramatically as conflicts in Syria and other countries drew in people from the UK.
'Complex conspiracies'

Mr Rowley - Scotland Yard head of counter-terrorism - added that the threat featured a "new dimension", amid growing fears over the influence of Islamic State (IS).

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