Monday, October 13, 2014

Two Approaches to Muslim Extremism

Two Approaches to Muslim Extremism

Here's how two countries currently deal with Islamic extremism. 

Firstly, how NOT to respond to Muslim terrorism  where Holland’s military has been ordered to not wear their uniforms in public out of fear of a Muslim terror attack.  Cowering in the face of Muslim terrorists will only encourage more Muslim terrorism.  More
HERE at the Gatestone Institute.

Meanwhile Egypt with it's long history of dealing with Muslim extremism it has just jailed some Muslim Brotherhood leaders for 15 years for torturing a lawyer during the failed takeover of Egypt last year.  More
HERE from Daily Star.

As history has shown, Egypt's approach to combating Muslim extremism works.  Hopefully Holland and other Western countries which are currently giving in to Muslim extortion will see Egypt as an example of how to control Muslim extremism.