Saturday, November 29, 2014

Muslim Woman and her Hindu Husband Murdered by Muslims

Same old story, Muslim woman marries Hindu Man, therefore both are hacked to death by her family because it is haram for non-Muslim man to marry a Muslim woman. 

However, if the man had been Muslim and the woman Hindu, then the beaming groom would be congratulated by his fellow Muslims for bringing another Kufar under Islamic control, and eventually conversion to Islam.


Couple killed by family for marrying against wishes

Big News Network (IANS) Saturday 29th November, 2014

A newly-wed couple, who married in a court against family wishes were hacked to death late Friday in Hapur, police said Saturday.

The incident occurred in Kuchesar Chauplato village.

Sonu, a Hindu, and Danishta, a Muslim, had married in a court two months ago.

Talb, the brother of the girl, was enraged after the local panchayat did not pass any adverse judgement Friday against the marriage of the boy (Hindu) and girl (Muslim) in a court two months back.

Late Friday evening he along with three or four of his family members barged into the house where Sonu and Danishta were living. He attacked Sonu with an axe and killed him.

When Danishta rushed out to raise an alarm and seek help of the neighbours, he killed her, too.

The assailants escaped from the crime scene. Heavy police reinforcement was rushed to the spot as tension spread in the area, an official told IANS.

Both bodies have been sent for post-mortem examination and police are keeping a vigil.

One of the accused has been arrested, a home department official.