Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Saudi Goes After "Radical Tweeters"

Wow, really sounds like our good friend and ally, Saudi Arabia is cracking down on Islamic extremism.  And they are, but only against those Muslim extremists who threaten the kingdom.  It's ironic inasmuch as Saudi is the foremost Arab state promoting radical Wahhabi Sunni Islam throughout the world.  Sunni Islam is of course the source of most of the Muslim terrorists in the world.




More than 90 'extremists' tweets posted per minute in Saudi Arabia

The figure emerges from a statistic published by the Ministry for Islamic Affairs. Over 500 accounts that promoted extremist organizations closed. A a religious television network also shut down.

Riyadh (AsiaNews) - More than 90 "extremists" tweets are posted per minute in Saudi Arabia, almost 130 thousand per day. The figure emerges from a statistic made public ??by the Ministry for Islamic Affairs, about which Abdul Moneim Al-Mushawwah, director of Peace Campaign, conducted by the Ministry, spoke of dwindling numbers than in previous months, although the statistic has a margin of error of 30 percent, because the data was manually collected.

According to Arab News, he claimed that extremist groups like Al-Qaeda are weakening geographically and intellectually, even on the Internet. However, unrest and chaos in some areas "are reviving their activities."

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