Monday, December 1, 2014

When Will the West Fight Back Against the Muslim Invasion?

I have to wonder just what "militant orginization" these mealy-mouthed dhimmis are talking about.

Never mind, they must mean the Seventh Day Adventists. Sarc off.

Half the problem with fighting the Islamic jihad being waged against the kuffar is that the kuffar are too terrified to say "boo' the the Islamists.  Until we in the West stand up and say ENOUGH, until we stand up and acutally STOP the Muslim hordes, we will be plauged by ever more violent attacks.


CAIRO: An Egyptian militant organization that pledged allegiance to ISIS has claimed responsibility for the killing of an American oil worker.

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, which now refers to itself as the Sinai Province, said on its official Twitter account late Sunday that it killed William Henderson. It published pictures of his passport and two identification cards. It did not say when or how it killed him.

The passport said he was a 58-year-old from Texas and his identification cards said he worked for Texas-based energy company Apache Corp. and Qarun Petroleum Co.

Apache said in August that one of its supervisors had been killed in an apparent carjacking in Egypt's Western Desert. The company did not identify the man. It could not immediately be reached for comment.