Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lord Mayor Stands UP to Muslim Discrimination Against Women

Kudos to the Lord Mayor.  Unfortunately he's one of a very small number of officials with the balls to stand up to Muslim efforts to force non-Muslims to conform to Islamic demands and submit to Islamic rules.


Lord Mayor walks out of Islamic charity lunch after his lady consort was told she had to sit downstairs at the event

    Lord Mayor John Thomas was said to be upset at being segregated
    He walked out of the Islamic charity lunch before it had even started
    A source said he had 'insulted' other guests by walking out early
    Lunch was to mark the end of charity week, in which £730k was raised
    Councillor Thomas has been on the Leicester City Council since 1995

By Andy Dolan for the Daily Mail

Published: 17:18 EST, 5 December 2014 | Updated: 19:03 EST, 5 December 2014

A Lord Mayor walked out of an Islamic charity lunch after discovering that he would have to be segregated from his female consort.

Labour councillor John Thomas, 70, arrived at the function last Sunday with consort Margaret Corley, 72.

But Councillor Thomas, the Lord Mayor of Leicester, was said to be upset at being told he would have to dine in an upstairs function room with male guests, while his consort would be seated downstairs with the other women.

The lunch was held to mark the end of Charity Week – an annual fundraising event supported by around 20 university Islamic societies in the UK, and others in Canada and Qatar. It took place at a wedding and conference venue near Leicester railway station.

Guests at the event, who paid £6 a ticket, were told that the week of fundraising to help orphaned and disadvantaged children raised £730,000. But Councillor Thomas seemed to be in no mood for celebrating and left early. It is understood Mrs Corley left with him.

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