Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sweden Commits Suicide By Muslim Immigrant

This is so disturbing.  Unfortunately there are mentally disturbed individuals who will commit suicide by cop.  Now the entire country of Sweden is committing suicide by Muslim immigrant.


Sweden: Illegal Muslim sex attacks 20 women and one 4 yr old in 12 weeks, but now demands asylum and welfare

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Sweden has developed into a huge social problem ever since journalism and government has been taken over by younger and younger members and leaders: they have no life experience, no actual and authentic knowledge of the world which instead is assessed and viewed out of a video playstation mindset. This disaster of feigned and artificial tolerance has creating a suffocating extremist left-wing police state. In Sweden free speech is banned by the puppy-elite who now runs the country and any opinion must only be a one-way viewpoint that conform to the immature fantasies of high school children. No other viewpoints are accepted unless they must be violently discriminated against and blocked.

The same delusional decisions were made in England when Tony Blair, another young and inexperienced fantasist at the time, got elected and basically committed the worse social engineering experiment seen in modern times on his country. Blair claims he would have done many things “differently” today. But its too late. The whole country now suffers the consequences and they can’t afford to deal with it. The entire economy is not sufficient to deal with the massive consequences and problems from irrational mass immigration, in particular from Muslim countries.

Sexually assaulted 21 women and children in a month – now Mohammed, 27, demands asylum and grants in Sweden

    Came to Sweden illegally in september – began to commit sex crimes immediately.
    Molested 21 girls and women between the ages of four and 69 years.

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