Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Just Say No to Muslim Terrorism

This is an outstanding look at why we must treat Muslim terrorists as prisoners of war rather than common criminals.  Tammy Bruce is correct that Muslim terrorist prisoners must be segregated from the general prison population to prevent them from recruiting others to covert to Islam and become jihadists. The American prison system is second only to the thousands of Saudi built and staffed mosques for finding new terrorist recruits. The only thing I can add to her analysis is that once convicted of any level of Islamic terrorism or support of terrorism, is that they must be incarcerated for life to prevent them from returning to wage jihad.


How to say no to terror as the new normal

Tammy Bruce

Posted with permission from The Washington Times

As the world continues to reel from the horror of Islamist terrorism in France, one common refrain from commentators and "experts" is that this is now the new normal, that we must be prepared to deal with so-called lone-wolf terrorism for decades. Only if we've all agreed to commit suicide.

In the days to come, we'll be inundated with articles and commentary from "big thinkers" contemplating what the United States, the Jews or cartoonists did to cause this, and when the "backlash" against Muslims will ensue.

Yet right now, the serious conversation should be this: What obvious and sensible changes governments must implement to keep this from becoming horribly "normal" and if we are to have any chance of stopping the enemy:

First, Islamists who go to the Middle East to train and fight with a terrorist army must not be allowed to return to any Western nation.

Second, acknowledge this is a world war and stop treating terrorism as and equating it with regular civil crime.

Third, imprison the terrorist enemy in military prisons, ending their ability to "radicalize" civilians in prison.

Fourth, as in war time, arrest those who spread propaganda for the enemy, recruit for the enemy and support the enemy. For those wringing their hands that we must put up with it in a free society, hogwash. It's a crime to encourage or solicit murder. And if one is associated with and a supporter of an active enemy, it's also treason.

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