Monday, January 5, 2015

mosque fire was an accident

So it's another phoney anti-Muslim hate crime.  Another case of Muslims using what was either an accident or act of arson by other Muslims that triggered the normal Muslin reaction of rioting in the streets over imagined offenses.  This also points out that the never ending war between varioius Muslim sects continues wherever Muslims congregate.

The more Muslims that are imported into the West, the more of this we will see.

What will you do now that the jihad is in the streets?


Swedish police: mosque fire was an accident. Muslim leader: threats comes from other Muslim groups, “not from extreme right”

January 5, 2015 , by Nicolai Sennels

Since the fire was an accident started from inside the mosque, it means that it was either started by a Muslim (intentionally or not), or caused by gas or electrical installations that the Mosque is responsible for. Muslim leaders in Sweden has already started to demand state paid “prayer room guarantee“.

Meanwhile, a police bus and many cars near a Muslim ghetto was torched, there has been wide spread “fire works terror” in Muslim dominated areas all over Sweden with “youths” bombarding police and random people on the streat with high calliber fire works (here, here, here).

From Avpixlat:

    “After the whole Twitter Left mobilized, including a couple of ministers, who collectively screamed “racism” and blamed the Sweden Democrats, the police announced that the fire in Eskilstuna mosque was not the result of an attack nor did it have a political motive. Today, the state police sais that it believes that it was an accident. …

    Meanwhile, Ali Hussein from the Shiite community in Malmo says in an interview with Sydsvenskan regarding threats to mosques:

    ‘- For large celebrations, we usually have guards out there but thankfully we have not had any direct threats. Possible threats come from other Muslim groups and not from the extreme right. And we of course hope that we avoid threats,’ he says.”