Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Is a Moderate Muslim?

This essay explores what a moderate Muslim is, or isn't.


Peter Smith

The Elusive ‘Moderate’ Muslim

It comes as no surprise that tolerant and pacific followers of the Prophet opt for the most part to stay mum. Knowing full well that their sacred texts extol violence, which leaves little room for doctrinal debate, they are also aware that the creed's more ardent acolytes have knives at the ready

Apologists for Muslims and Islam also have five pillars. These are not innocuous. They support a flaccid and vacillating response to a dire threat. In no strict order, these pillars are as follows.

    Terrorism has nothing to do with true Islam.
    The vast majority of Muslims are moderate.
    Western wrong-doing and war-mongering inspires terrorism.
    Alienation, disadvantage, and/or mental instability are often behind home-grown terrorism.
    Muslims suffer most from Islamic terrorism.

On the first, a modern version of an old adage is apropos. There are none so blind as those useful idiots in the West who, having not read a word of Islamic scripture or any critiques of it, conclude in the face of carnage that Islam is a religion of peace. It is not clear what can be done about this astounding level of ignorance.

Certainly many thousands of imams can’t be blamed. They pray openly for Muslim domination and for the universal application of sharia law. They quote their scripture. They encourage jihad. I have seen numbers of them on television and, more starkly, on YouTube before they are taken down, and read accounts of many others.

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