Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Muslims Block Kindergarten

Keep in mind that these are not the raving violent Islamists here, but "normal, peaceful, moderate" Muslims.  And then thes esame Muslims complain that Western host societies refuse to help them integrate.  In other words, they don't get enough "free stuff" as Abu Obama might say.  I think they can safely be classified as ungrateful shits.

We see also that the local government worked in conjunction with the Muslims in hiding their desire to keep women away from the mosque.  That boils down to sociatal suicide.  I also have to wonder if the city officials did this out of political correctness or raw fear of Muslim violence.  Probably both.


Mysogynic hysteria: Muslims block building of kindergarten to avoid having female pedagogues
February 17, 2015 , by Nicolai Sennels No Comments 190

Translated by Thomas from DiePresse:

    Gouda: Muslims against women next to mosque

    Muslim community in Holland sabotages building project including school and Kindergarten next to new house of prayer.

    Gouda. In the Dutch town of Gouda, known for its cheese, the biggest mosque of Holland is to be built. The local authorities have planned it at a former army base, the location where the city developers have also planned a kindergarten and a school. “It’s a successful architectural Trio-Ensemble” is what is said about the new destination of the army base.

    But it might fail: those responsible for the mosque project don’t want a kindergarten and a school near them. Reason: in both places women will be working as teachers and pedagogues, which could distract the muslim men from their prayers. Now the muslim community even wants to buy the whole area, to avoid other kinds of uses.

    City kept conflict secret

    The city council is in dire straits: they kept the quarrel over thefemale teachers and educators scrupulously secret until all details about the planned discrimination of the women were leaked to the media. There is no hope of compromise. The muslims rest their case: women are not allowed to work near a mosque, because they will disturb the men. Now all building plans are put on hold until further notice.