Saturday, February 28, 2015

Number of Jihadists Out of Control in Britain

The over 3,000 known jihadis in Britain cannot be adequately monitored.  This did not happen overnight.  It has been growing for 40 years due to Britain's insane policy of ucontrolled Muslim immigration.

The worst part is that the authorities still continue to deny the common link between them: Islam.


Jihadi John watchlist revealed: MI5 now monitoring 3,000 'potential terror threats'

THE secret services are now monitoring an astonishing 3,000 extremists living in Britain who they fear could become future Jihadi Johns.

Published: 14:01, Sat, February 28, 2015
By Nick Gutteridge

The figure reveals an alarming rise in the number of people now considered potential terrorists who could commit 'lone wolf' attacks either at home or abroad.

Senior sources inside Whitehall revealed security officials are becoming increasingly concerned at the high profile of Islamic State and its use of social media to recruit vulnerable young men in western countries.
The revelation comes in the same week that Londoner Mohammed Emwazi was unmasked as the knife-wielding murderer Jihadi John, who has featured in several propaganda videos for the terrorist group.

In late 2007 the then head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, said that his officers were monitoring around 2,000 individuals they suspected of holding extremist views.
However, high-placed sources have now told the Financial Times that the number of so-called 'subjects of interest' has rocketed to 3,000, largely due to the rise of IS.

The officials revealed the would-be terrorists are also becoming harder to track because use of the internet means they are less and less likely to be members of known groups.
Instead, youngsters who are radicalised online are more likely to carry out unpredictable attacks on home soil - a problem one senior security officer described as like trying to follow the random “Brownian motion” of particles in a teapot.
Raffaello Pantucci, director of the respected Royal United Services Institute think-tank which specialises in international security, said that the risk of "lone wolf" attacks on the street of Britain is rising.
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