Saturday, March 7, 2015

‘Muslim Manifesto’ Introduced Into British Parliament

This is Political Jihad writ large.  Political and demographic jihad are much more dangerous threats to Western civilization than violent jihad.  With violent jihad, eventually the people in the street will rebel and openly oppose the Islamists.  With Political Jihad, there is no way to fight it except at the ballot box, and that is problematical inasmuch as our politicians refuse to understand the threat and actually work to imbed Muslims into the political system.


Islamist Sympathiser Launches ‘Muslim Manifesto’ in British Parliament

by Donna Rachel Edmunds  6 Mar 2015

A known Islamist has appeared in Parliament to present a ‘Muslim Manifesto’ ahead of the general election. Azad Ali, who has previously spoken of his “love” for al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, received a warm reception from the audience which included a number of Labour MPs and former cabinet minister Baroness Warsi. (h/t Guido Fawkes)

The manifesto has been put together by the Institute for Muslim Community Development, as a “call-to-action” for parliamentarians, “pinpointing key issues of high importance to the Muslim community.” According to their website, it was assembled through consultation with “grass roots members, community leaders, religious leaders, social activists, academics, thinkers and politicians.”

The list of 33 points is comprehensive, but amongst other things, the manifesto calls on members of parliament to “Support efforts to accurately remember Muslim and non-Muslim histories including oppressive and genocidal actions against Muslim peoples by British and European peoples”; “Celebrate and support Muslim heritage and cultural institutions”; “Eliminate the root causes of institutional discrimination against Muslims and introduce tougher legislation to prevent it”; “Introduce more robust legislation to curb media hate campaigns against Muslims” and “Acknowledge that the holy scripture of Muslims (the Qur’an) does not endorse terrorism and the murder of innocents.”

It was highly praised by the parliamentarians in attendance, including Baroness Warsi who said that the “Muslim Manifesto is something you can take to your election candidates”.

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