Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is Olmert a mole?

Is Olmert a mole? I ask because it's hard to imagine why the Prime Minister of Israel would suddenly decide to stop the attack on Hamas just when they are about to crush the terrorists. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory seems to be Olmert's specialty.

Now I suppose Condi will come riding in with more insane conditions what will only allow Hamas to regroup to start the whole attack on Israel again.

Really, I just don't understand. I don't understand why the current government has allowed Hamas to kill Israelis for the past three years without, until now, an effective attack on Hamas. I don't understand why the Israeli man in the street is not outside Olmert's offices demanding the total destruction of Hamas. I don't understand why the US insists on tying Israel's hands.

The ONLY way the Middle East will ever see stability (not peace) is for Israel to crush each and every attack against it. All the Arab street understands is raw power. Eventually, even the rabid Islamists in the area will tire of being overwhelmed by Israel and leave it alone.

With Obama about to enter the White House, Olmert is giving up his last realistic chance to decimate Hamas. Once Obama & Clinton are in, Israel will be reduced to a weak and vulnerable entity waiting for the final Islamic jihad to overwhelm it. Giving Hamas time to re-arm also gives Hezbollah time to do the same.

WHEN Hamas and Hezbollah attack at the same time, the future of Israel will be in jeopardy.

Without a viable, independent Israel, the Middle East will descend into a total Islamic hell hole. The defeat of Israel will signal Muslims the world over that the time has come for all out attacks against the West.