Saturday, May 16, 2009

Security police intervene against fundamentalists

It's shocking, absolutly shocking that Muslims would try to impose Sharia on Norway. Wake up Norway, you've been infiltrated and infested by Islam.


Security police intervene against fundamentalists

The security branch of the Norwegian police (PST) say they have uncovered plans for terrorist attacks against targets in Norway, and that they have intervened against 25 Muslim fundamentalists that they believe planned terrorist acts against Norway and other nations.

- I can truly say that we have on several occasions sent persons out of the country who were about to do things that could have turned out to be very serious, says PST chief Joern Holme to NRK.
He says that they have also interviewed several perons who have been stopped and warned by the PST.

- We have said that we do not accept that they continue their activities in their extreme, violent circles, Holme says.

- It is important for us to prevent Norwegian youth from going on so-called Jihad-travels, which could mean that one carries out terrorist acts, and is willing to offer one's own life in terrorist acts, says Holme.

Holme says to NRK that he is talking about Norwegian as well as foreign citizens.
According to NRK, of the 25 persons young men referred to earlier in the story, none of them are of ethnic Norwegian background.