Monday, May 11, 2009

US Quietly Sets Deadline for Iran

Here's another toothless gesture to get Iran to stop it's nuclear development program which only gives the mullahs more time to finish a nuclear bomb. More importantly, Israel was left out of the loop during these contacts with Iran, again indicating Obama's abandonment of Israel.

Iran's imminent acquisition of nuclear weapons combined with Obama's and the EU's abandonment of Israel will force Israel to attack Iran in the very near future. While the attack is entirely necessary, it will create oil prices to spike and tensions between Islam and the West to reach critical levels. Muslims around the world will practice their usual violent demonstrations and attacks on non-Muslims.


US Quietly Sets Deadline for Iran
by Hana Levi Julian

( The United States is willing to continue talks with Iran over suspension of its nuclear development activities for the next four or five months, according to sources in Jerusalem.
But in October, the hourglass will finally run out, unless Iran has shown signs of softening its resistance to ending its uranium enrichment program.
Special U.S. envoy to the Persian Gulf Dennis Ross met with a European diplomat recently to discuss the matter, according to a confidential telegram received last week in Jerusalem, reported the Hebrew-language daily Haaretz. Ross told the senior official during their meeting that the U.S. will end its first round of talks with Iranian nuclear negotiators sometime this autumn, probably October.

Israel at Arm's Length

It is significant that Ross did not brief Israeli officials on his talks with Iran, as was customary during the tenure of former U.S. President George W. Bush. The Obama administration has kept Israel at arm’s length vis-a-vis its Middle East policies, with fewer consultations and less message-coordination with Israeli diplomats – a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Arab media.
“Obama’s people brief their Israeli counterparts in advance much less about security and Middle East policy activities than the Bush administration used to,” said an official quoted late last week by Saudi Arabia-based English-language daily Arab News.

Ross met last week with officials in Egypt and a number of other nations in the region for talks on the Iranian nuclear threat before flying back to the United States.